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Brand new materials for wedding albums

AHP-16-0479Just arrived from Italy - a brand new box of material samples from Graphi Studio, the producers of all my wedding albums.
Now all my wedding couples have an even greater choice than ever of the customisation on their wedding album/s. The choice is nothing short of awe inspiring. Many leather types, many metal types, many other materials you'll have never heard of - each one in a range of different colours.

My favourite new product is enoblements - This is almost like printing in metal rather than ink! See photo. Amazing for text and graphics on the front cover for that ultra unique customisation.

Brand new HD printing and paper types now include fine art paper, 6 other types of art paper, and a further 8 types of paper.

It's so good to see beautiful wedding photography printed using such fine materials, lasting for generations ahead.

Very exciting!